Sheena Mohan

Along the process of developing a system where education is made enjoyable for all, I have come across some real vital evidence of human creativity that is necessary for a healthy survival but is eradicated by developing a mechanistic approach in education. It is for the indefinite unpredictable future, society minds the new generation with age old fundamentals. Children have some seriously extraordinary capabilities that need to be nourished and flourished for them to fight their battles in their lives. Education should be about awakening and developing the power of creativity and not killing the capacities.

Going by the natural phenomenon, kids take chances as they are not afraid of being wrong. It’s only the preset notion of the society that pushes these efforts away. This is when the fear of being wrong is developed that kills the courage of a child to be creative in his own way. If you are not prepared to be wrong, you never will come up with anything original. At iira, we celebrate this gift to human imagination.

Iira does not argue any subject discipline of math science. We feel they are necessary but not sufficient in isolation. A real education has to give equal weight to the humanities, the arts, and the physical education too. Kids prosper best with the broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents not just a small range of them.

The promising team of iira believes that Curiosity is the most vital of all. If we can light curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance very often. Curiosity is engine of achievement. And hence, our curriculum is focused on a unique approach of Individualize teaching and learning wherein the curriculum engage students and their curiosity their creativity and their individuality.

Having a vision for our students to enjoy their every single day in school and on every single day our students bettering their own past, I take pride in the promising future of our country.

Sheena Mohan
Co-Founder Director