Tushar Patel

A child learns from various knowledge sharers, including his teacher, his friends, his own wisdom (i.e. self belief) and a lot from his experiences. On contrary, when a child expresses his desire to opt amongst alternatives, their choices are altered by the seniors in the society. The problem caused here is, that a child never gets to learn from the outcomes of his decision. Hence, main source of knowledge is omitted by mere ignorance. At iira, we develop decision making ability by allowing our children to make decision and learn from them-even failure, we believe is a learning along with success. Once the children see a ray of development in their chosen path, they automatically get emotionally involved with their Karma. Passion sprouts within. And then, I believe, there is no looking back. Passion forces individuals to acquire skill and skill with passionate hard work, my friends, create change. ‘Paurushkarne vina deven na sidhyati’ (Put in Devnagiri Sanskrit Fonts)

Following the vision of our foundation of developing society and social standards, the pedagogy of iira international school is centrifugal around creating curiosity with fun. With a full-fledged research department, dexterous teachers and associates of our advisory board, I can foresee our city evolve multifold in years to come.

Tushar Patel
Co-Founder Director